Why Colorbond Roofs Are So Special In North Brisbane

In Australia, metal roofs are popular. Colorbond, in particular, is an all-time favourite. It’s stylish, sturdy, lightweight, resilient and heat-resistant. Australian weather conditions are harsh but colorbond roofs stand the test of time. If you’re building or renovating, colorbond is worth exploring. In this post, colorbond goes head-to-head with tiles. Let’s see which roofing material comes out on top.

Colorbond vs. Tiles


Lightweight and strong, colorbond is termite-resistant, non-combustible and withstands intense winds. Besides that, it’s resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling and corrosion. On the flipside, tiles are easy to rust and blow off. Unlike tiles, installing colorbond is a breeze. Due to the material’s lightness, there’s no structural weight strain.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

When new, colorbond is sturdy and doesn’t need much maintenance. Painting isn’t required because the colour is bonded to the metal. Since colorbond is baked, it’s tough and hard to leak and crack.

Design Friendly

Available in a variety of colours and shades, colorbond gives your home a minimalist and contemporary look. You can pick a style that suits your home and install it straight away. Because colorbond is lightweight in nature, it offers great spanning capability. So, no need to install many columns to support the roof.


Whether it’s summer or winter, colorbond shields your home against extreme temperatures. When used in light colours, it radiates heat, improves solar reflectance and, at night, cools down quickly.

Easy Installation

Even with no lap joints, you can still install colorbond. The 100m long metal sheets are easy to transport, haul and mount. DIYers prefer to roof their homes with colorbond. By the way, if you’re an expert handyman, there’s no need to hire a roofer.


It’s rare to find colorbond roofs with ponds. Ridges are designed to drain rainwater swiftly and simply. For tiles, pooling is common because of poor drainage. When you install colorbond, you don’t have to worry about leaks.


Metal roofs are 100% recyclable. In fact, metal is one of the most recyclable products out there. Metal is efficient to install and contributes to less on-site refuse. This reduces environmental pollution. After all, landfills need not be stuffed with roof waste.


Though tiles are low-cost, the final price depends on installation, insulation, painting and maintenance. Thanks to its in-built installation and little-to-no maintenance features, colorbond is very cost-effective.

Here’s why tiles are better than colorbond roofs.

Sound Proof

Noise is something to consider when choosing a roof. Tiles are quieter than colorbond, especially when it rains. Rain makes a drip-drop sound against metal roofs. Many people like the sound but others find it bothersome.

Easy to Modify

If you want to add an extension or skylight, tiles are easy to adjust. However, the challenges of using colorbond are trivial.

Overall, colorbond outshines traditional tiles. As a homeowner, you’ll like the lightness and sturdiness on offer. Choose a roof with the aesthetics and qualities to safeguard and smarten your home. For us, colorbond is the way to go!

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