Solar Panels Buying Guide: 10 Shopping Tips

Buying solar panels is an exciting experience. But don’t fall for low prices and catchy adverts. Focus on the features and benefits of your purchase because it’s a substantial investment. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a solar system.


Consult colleagues, friends and family members who have gone solar. These trustable guys are willing to share their solar Darwin experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. They will tell you what to adopt and what to shun. Read online consumer guides to avoid tricks and traps.

Length of Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your solar system will last a long time if the warranty is substantial and the manufacturer is reputable. A system that lasts long enough is able to make you a profit and pay for itself. Steer clear of manufacturers with no track record. In case they go out of business, they won’t honour your warranty.

Have Realistic Price Expectations

Quality equipment and service aren’t cheap. Mind you, you get what you pay for. Don’t shop around for extremely low prices. You may get poor installation work or poor quality equipment, or both. Compare components and warranties instead.

Solar Panel Certifications

This applies to every solar panel purchase, especially one that attracts government rebates. Certification indicates the kind of testing that has been done on solar panels. A solar panel should meet its advertised specifications and be tested by a third party or independent laboratory.

Type of Panels

Consider panel size versus power output. Mono-crystalline solar panels are highly efficient but very expensive. But you have other choices including polycrystalline panels and thin-film technologies. Factor in the size and condition of your roof.

Solar Panel Mounting

Make sure the mounting system is engineer certified, cyclone rated and wind certified. Several suppliers skimp on the mounting system regardless of its essence. Ask about warranty arrangements and weather certifications.

Solar Inverter Efficiency

Before purchasing a system, look at the efficiency of the inverter. Efficient inverters are the best because there’s no wastage of electricity during the conversion of DC to AC. With an efficient inverter, it takes less time to recover your investment.

Get a Few Solar Quotes

Prices vary widely between solar providers. But don’t let the prices sway you. Certain companies use inferior components to reduce the cost of the system. Such systems are cheap up-front but, costly in the long run, in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Avoid High-Pressure Sales People

In the solar industry, high-pressure tactics are common. Try not to make rash decisions. Instead, take the time to think about the offer. All too often, pressured decisions turn out to be more regrettable and less advantageous.

Expert Advice

Numerous solar experts offer free, no-obligation and no-pressure advice to people who’re eager to migrate to solar. Turn to these prodigies for solar counsel. Follow their recommendations to get your hands on the best solar panels.

What you’re looking for is a solar system that’s long-lasting and fulfils your needs: Anything else than that is useless. As always, quality beats price.