8 Signs You Need To Hire A Qualified Electrician in Adelaide

Taking chances with electricity in Adelaide is a no-no. A minor fault today is a precursor of major problems tomorrow. Here are 8 signs you need to call out an electrician. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late.

Flickering Lights

A flickering light signals that a light globe needs replacing. That’s a job you can do yourself. If several lights flicker or the flickering continues after changing the bulb, there’s a wiring problem, which needs an expert fix.

Blown Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers trip and fuses blow occasionally. But if you reset a tripped circuit breaker or replace a blown fuse frequently, chances are you’re overloading your electric system. Contact an electrician to diagnose your system and fix it.

Electrical Shocks

If you feel an electric shock when you turn on a switch or plug in an appliance, something is shorting out. Either your wiring is frayed or has lost its insulation. Major shocks or a house fire is likely if nothing is done. Don’t try to fix the issue yourself because it’s illegal in South Australia and you’ll end up electrocuted.

A Buzzing Sound

Sometimes a buzzing sound emanates from the light switch or electric outlet. This is a tell-tale sign of a serious electrical problem. Something in the wiring near the switch or outlet is the source of the buzz.

Discoloured or Charred Switches and Outlets

Fail to fix the buzzing sound and a small fire will start just behind the electric outlet or light switch. This shows up as discolouration or charring. At times the fire can occur without hearing the buzzing sound first. A faulty switch or outlet needs instant repair.

Burning Smell

Electrical fires have a sharp burning smell. You’re lucky if the burning smell is due to a small fire only. When you ignore the problem, materials surrounding the wires causing a smell will light up and you’ll have a house inferno to contend with.

Heat around Light Fixtures

Get on a ladder to check this. Feel the area around ceilings and wall lights. Find out if they’re well insulated. Poorly insulated light fixtures are a source of fires. An electrician will replace the fixtures or insulate the surrounding area.


When you connect an appliance, you may notice a small spark. A miniature sparkie is no cause for alarm. But a popping noise and/or a large spark is a sign that something’s wrong. In most cases, there’s loose wiring behind the electric outlet. This is a task for a sparky to fix. Never try to repair wiring yourself. You’ll put yourself and your family at risk of electrocution or even torch your house.

Before your house burns down or you get electrocuted due to poor wiring, hire an electrician to fix the fault. Some electricians such as Peace of Mind Electrical website, even provide simple tips when listing their services online. Remember, DIY or unlicensed electrical repairs are illegal. You’ll be slapped with a stiff fine. Because injury or death is on the cards when you DIY, it’s worth paying an electrician for safe and expert repairs. In short, stick to your lane – replacing blown light bulbs.